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Renewable Energy Calculator is now available in two formats.

A VB.Net 2008 Version for Microsoft Windows with an MS Access 2003 Database or a Gambas developed application using a Mysql database for Linux - My SQL Users.

The application enables users to analyse how a mix of renewable energy resources can be employed to provide enough energy to support your ongoing energy usage.

It was created to analyse the current energy usage in your home, your garage, your business, and your vehicles, and how a mix of renewable energy resources and carbon offsets (tree plantings) can support your ongoing energy usage and balance your overall carbon footprint. I developed this application to size my solar power installation and ongoing tree planting scheme (currently I've planted nearly 7,000 trees in the past 10 years) turning 16 acres of pasture into 10 acres of forest and bringing back habitat for wildlife. The change to local habitat has really been noticible with lots of species coming back into the area. The creek area is not drying out over summer and there are wombat burrows, kangaroos, lots of nesting birds, snakes and blue tongue lizards everywhere.

Getting started - define your Energy Expenses, and usage by season, and a mix of Renewable Energy Collectors and your Energy Stores (your batteries), and use of an invertor or grid inverter if you are lucky enough to have mains power - and design how you will support your ongoing energy usage.

Define your solar panel mounting angles based on your latitude. Estimate your carbon offsets if you are commited to offset your energy usage by ongoing tree plantings and habitat renewal.

Main screen

Details on data structures in this database and the relevance to the calculations made.

Enter details into Definition Tables to define your Energy Expenses and Collection Profile.

Provide details on energy collection location and seasonal specifics, infrastructure items, details and energy expenses.

Energy Collections :

The core Gambas libraries used are:

Software developed on linux debian build 15/2/07, Gnome 2.14.3

The Web based documentation on Sourceforge.net in the install:

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